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Policies and Terms of Agreement

Release Policy and Terms of Agreement

We at Wings of Grace reserve the right to cancel the release at any time for the well being of our birds. This includes any acts of God such as thunderstorms, heavy winds, fog or snow.  All deposits and monies will be refunded in full should this occur.  Sometimes the weather is doing one thing at the release location and doing another at the home loft. Should we have to cancel the release due to bad weather, a full refund will be given, however, if the customer insists that we appear in bad weather and the release does not take place, the customer will forfeit the 50% deposit.  Since Wings of Grace is based upon living things, we cannot guarantee any certain performance from the birds.  Once the baskets are open we are no longer in control of the birds actions. Be it known also that Wings of Grace will not be responsible for any soiling of clothing. This has never happened but we still want to inform you of this in the event of such an occurrence.  We will make every attempt to coordinate the release of the birds with the photographer of your choice so that the ceremony may be captured on film.  However, Wings of Grace will not be responsible for any reason, in the event that the release is not captured on film.  A 50% deposit of the full amount is required at the time of booking your release.  The balance is due 14 days before the ceremony.   Wings of Grace will retain all deposits made on the release if the release is cancelled less than 30 days prior to the scheduled date.  In the event of any cancellation, excluding the above mentioned, the 50% deposit will be forfeited.

Note:  Please be as precise as possible in scheduling your release time.   A charge of $50.00 will be added to the fee for each additional half-hour past the scheduled release time.  This is due to the fact that our birds may be booked for other releases on the same day. We know that plans can change, so for your convenience, the release time can be altered up to one week before the event.

Therefore, it is agreed that Wings of Grace will provide the service of:

A White Chapel Dove Release for

(your name): ___________________on _______ year ______ at approx. ______ am/pm.

The release will occur at (location name): ________________________________ at

(location address):____________________________________________________

Dove Release fee:____________   Total Fee: __________

Amount Paid: ____________ Balance Due:_________ Due Date: ____________

My signature indicates that I have read, I understand and I agree to the terms set forth in this agreement.

Signed: _______________________________________Date: _______________

Signed: _______________________________________Date: _______________

                 Julie Johnson, Wings of Grace

Please Mail with Booking Form to:

Julie Johnson

Wings of Grace

333 Southwick Drive

Southaven, MS.  38671