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Wedding Releases

Beautiful White Doves

" Romantic, Elegant, Breathtaking & Magical"

As a true symbol of love, the Doves chooses its mate for life, therefore they are a very fitting and final addition to any wedding, from the most intimate home ceremony to the grandest fairytale affair.

They create a magical atmosphere as they circle the skies before leaving on their new journey together.

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Wedding Release Services

The Fairytale


 The Rhapsody


Once Upon a Time…

T his package contains fourteen snow-white doves.  The bride and groom release the first two doves from a beautifully decorated basket and family and friends release the other dozen after a framed dove wish is read.



T his package is a three part dove display with lighted glass chapel aviaries.  Two ring neck doves cuddle in rose petals by the guest book the small lighted chapel.  The ring bearer pulls another tiny dove down the isle in a white wicker wagon and lastly, two doves for the bride and groom will be beautifully displayed at the entrance of the wedding and will later be released during the dove ceremony along with an additional fourteen doves.


This package contains the Cinderella carriage with two doves to be pulled down the isle during the wedding, a ring bearer pillow with a special message for your groom, A lighted castle gift card box, A small lighted castle, feather pen and carriage with two doves beside your guest book, two more snow-white doves released out of the pages of our unique storybook by the bride and groom and twenty more doves released out of white wicker baskets!

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Each release may be done by yourself, a person of your choosing or a “Wings of Grace” staff coordinator will be happy to help.

To view the Release Baskets and Options available to you, please view our Decorative Displays & Aviaries and Dove Releasing Options



Decorative Display Aviaries


We also have Love Doves and Beautiful Fan Tail Doves available to you for display throughout your ceremony.  These beautiful birds can be displayed in the ceremony area in a beautiful heart shaped aviary, by the Guest Book as an elegant greeting to your guests or as a peaceful symbol of your love in a chapel for the ring bearer to deliver.  To view the aviary display options please view our Decorative Displays & Aviaries and Dove Releasing Options.


*Note- we are only limited to your imagination and the safety of our birds.  Please review our Release Policy in the Terms of Agreement and feel free to inquire about “custom releases”.


Please call (662) 342-0097 for pricing information.